Enterprise Mobility

As Mobility becomes main stream for most of the enterprises, taking a holistic approach towards aligning the enterprise architecture to deliver Business value is imminent. We, at Enforgient, understand that mobility needed within an enterprise goes beyond pocket initiatives & Proof of Concept Applications. Enforgient reference model for mobility enables an enterprise to ensure that technology aligns with Business needs.

Efficacy of mobility within an enterprise depends on how much value it adds for the workforce. More often than that, a successful mobility adaptation requires re-engineering of the Business processes. The impact of re-engineering goes beyond mobile device based applications, into cloud, analytics and integration with the backend enterprise applications. Enforgient is helping organizations extend their core applications onto mobile devices seamlessly by using pre-built frameworks, tools, accelerators and technology expertise.

Our approach helps an enterprise maximize ROI, mitigate risks and capitalize on advantages of adopting mobility. Our mobility expertise cuts across platforms & devices that integrate with backend technologies.